Why You Need To Go On Safari In South Africa

I don’t like to make a habit of setting my alarm at 5am, but I can make an exception on safari. In fact, on a recent trip to Greater Kruger in South Africa, I found myself bounding out of bed as soon as I heard the guide’s gentle knock at the door. A far cry from burying my head in a pillow like I normally do. It was the thought of seeing lions in the wild that made me, but there are many other reasons to go on safari besides that! If you’re unsure whether a holiday spent spotting wildlife is the one for you, I’ve rounded up my top 9 reasons to go on safari. I’m sure there are millions more, but these are the ones that made me fulfil a lifelong dream and book one. 

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With all the places in the world you could go on vacation, going to South Africa on a safari might not be your first thought, but it should be. South Africa itself, without the safari, is an excellent vacation destination. The beautiful countryside, mouthwatering food, and rich culture provides ample reasons in themselves to recommend the area as a place to escape and relax. But when you have all that and add in a safari? If you have that opportunity, you’ve struck the vacation jackpot. You aren’t convinced yet? Here are just a few of the reasons why you should go on a safari in South Africa.


The scenery is incredible. As your group travels through the wild you’ll have the pleasure of seeing a beautiful part of the world most people won’t get the opportunity to see. Soaring mountains, sands dancing across desert plains, lush wooded areas, bubbling streams… get ready to be in awe. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but you’ll likely come across ruins from another age where you’ll be able to experience a bit of the South African culture as your guides explain what you’re seeing. And if you’re wanting to generate more traffic to your Instagram account, a safari would undoubtedly be a good way to get some spectacular pictures


You’ll be able to get away from the busyness of modern life. Face it, you’re busy. Your normal life is filled with even more than you probably realize, whether you are busy with parents, a spouse, children, friends, work, pets, social media, or traveling (or all the above!), life isn’t exactly empty. Want to unwind and relax? Go on a safari. Not only would going on this sort of vacation literally take you away from some things, but it also is a great way to take a break from social media and just let yourself enjoy the real beautiful world you are living in at the moment. Slip away from Facebook and Twitter and save those Instagram pictures for later. Relax! Enjoy the rare time of quiet and peace.

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A safari is a safe way to go on a real adventure without the stress and danger of going on your own. To go out on your own without a guide would be unwise at best, and quite dangerous at worst. However, when you go with a safari group such as Epic Enabled, not only will the group offer you protection, but they will guide you to the most beautiful areas you likely wouldn’t have been able to find on your own. A guided adventure, as tame as it might sound, can have all the excitement of exploring on your own without the added risk and worry.


You’ll be able to experience a bit of the South African culture through your guides as you learn about the area you’re traveling in. I already touched on this briefly when we spoke about the historic scenery. The ruins you may come across definitely are worth mentioning! But you’ll be able to experience even more culture than just what you’ll see from historic scenery. You’ll experience the culture of the place by listening to your guides talk and interact amongst themselves, as well as by eating their food, and living in whatever structure your group spends nights in (such as the bungalows that I stayed in in Kruger National Park). Cultures from other countries are such a privilege to learn about and be a part of.


You’ll also have the chance to meet people from around the world. More cultures to experience! You’ll likely have other tourists from other parts of the world in your own group, but even if you don’t, you’ll likely come across all sorts of people in other groups while you are on your safari. Not only will you go home knowing more about South Africa, but you’ll have the opportunity to return having made friends with individuals from other parts of the globe.

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You’ll be helping support and sustain the area you are visiting through the fees you pay. Tourism provides many areas with the livelihood to keep on living as they are. The very scenery you came to see will be tended to and guarded with the money you bring to the area. Without people to go on safaris, the area would likely have to be developed to support other types of businesses. The more development, the more the scenery and wildlife will likely suffer. Your fees can help keep that from happening.


You’ll see amazing wild animals in their natural habitat. You can’t go on a safari and forget the animals! It’s the whole purpose! Seeing pictures and going to the zoo is one thing, but to actually experience seeing truly wild animals move about in their own home is an amazing experience many people will go through their entire lives without experiencing. I’ll never forget seeing lions chasing buffalo or that time I was nearly eaten by a hippo.


Truly, to go on a safari is more than just another vacation. Going on a safari can change the way you look at life. Every minute of the safari will be filled with such beauty you’ll be hard pressed to find another vacation to compete with it. After the glimpse into a different stunning world, a different life, you’ll feel like you had a tiny taste of heaven.