#Makeupbrushchallenge: Your guide to this viral Tik-Tok challenge

The lockdown has got all of us stuck at home, bored and always looking for something new to do. We have not had the chance to step out of the house either. This means that our make-up brushes are missing us more than ever. We are definitely missing dressing up and stepping out for an unforgettable night out.
Social media, however, has turned out to be our best friend during this time. From keeping us connected to our friends to providing us with interesting challenges to try during our free time. For all the make-up enthusiasts out there, Tik-Tok has the perfect challenge for you.
You and your friends can participate in the ‘Make-up Brush Challenge’. The challenge starts with one person showing off their make-up free skin, then grabbing a brush and holding it over the camera lens. And, then a glam look.
For the perfect Tik-Tok video, throw the make-up brush and edit the video in a way that one of your friends seems to catch it. Your friend has to complete the entire challenge and pass it on to the next. You can continue this with as many friends as you want.

This challenge was also been dubbed as the Don’t Rush Challenge as some Tik Tok user started using the song ‘Don’t Rush’ by Young T and Bugsey in their video. It is not important that you use the same song, however, add some interesting background music to make your own video as interesting as possible.
Moreover, the make-up brush is not the only tool you have to use. Variations of the challenge also use other products like hair clips. Some medical students also started the video in their scrubs (uniforms) only to reveal their glam ‘going out’ look.
The internet has welcomed the Make-up Brush Challenge with a lot of enthusiasm. It gives you a chance to do something fun, dress up and also involve your friends; the three things you have been missing the most during the lockdown.